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A Summary Of My Towing Experience
– I have been driving mostly Flatbeds since 1994. I am, however, familiar with
Conventionals, Eagle Claws, Universals as well as just about any Wheel Lift system.
However, I am most comfortable in, and would prefer to operate, a Flatbed.

My Experience Includes
-- Most Auto-Clubs including AAA --
-- Private Tows --
-- Service Calls --
-- Shop Tows --
-- PPIs --
-- Repos --
-- Rotation Calls --
-- Recoveries --
-- Medium Duty Tows --
-- and others --


-- I was trained in NYC and have driven in SLC, UT as well as Phoenix, AZ.
Along with the required Driver's Class, I have completed Driver's Safety Courses for
several Utility Contractors as well as a couple Towing Companies.

– As an added source of training, at the age of 18 I was taught Defensive Driving Techniques
by a man named Alex Stevens. Alex, at the time, was the
President of the East Coast Stuntman's Association.
Training that has come in handy on more than one association.


-- My license is spotless, I have a current MVR as well as a DOT Medical Card
and I can pass a drug screen.
-- I have no tickets, no felonies and no drama.

Being over 50 years old, I have a solid work ethic, integrity and a drive to
complete an objective that knows no boundaries.


-- I believe in taking extremely good care of my tools, which includes my truck.
I would hope that any prospective employer would be of the same mind.
I will never again work for an employer who values a few bucks more than
he does the lives of his employees and that of the public.

-- You will never hear of me using your truck, money or any other
Company property for personal use without having asked.
If I, or a Loved One, need a tow, I'll ask first.

-- I will not over-state my talents. If I don't know, I'll ask
-- I dislike dishonesty, liars and thieves to an extreme degree. No offense, but
if anything other than running an safe, honest company is in your
plans, please throw this Summary Of Experience in the trash now.

-- I don't believe in "Waiting Till Later", "Leaving It For The Next Guy" or
"Putting The Responsibility On someone Else."

-- There is NOTHING that "Can't" be done.
If, for some reason, I am not able to accomplish the objective or you
are not able to, then WE can accomplish the objective.

-- The Customers always come first. I can handle anything from the
fussiest to the nastiest without loosing my composure or resorting to
unprofessional behavior

A Brotherhood

-- I believe that we are all in this together. Never will an opportunity to help
a fellow driver pass without my being there to lend a hand.
"Going The Extra Mile" was never a problem for me.
However, it is one of those things that I would like to "Want" to do.
I will not pick up the slack for Lazy Drivers.

Thank You

-- I have found that the things I've mentioned above have not served
me well lately.
I have run into unscrupulous Owners, dishonest Drivers and others.
I am not “Better” than anyone, I don't wish to appear “Better” than anyone.
I just want to do my job safely and well, be able to look myself and my daughter in the
eyes without turning away and get home in one piece at night.

-- I would like to think that you've most likely never seen a "Resume"
quite like this before.
Between my years in the Towing Industry and my former career as a
Contract Lineman, I've seen the best and worst of Man's Work Ethics.
And it's come down to this:
I'm too old to be playing games.

-- If I seem a little rough around the edges, well, I suppose I am in some respects.
However, I am committed to my profession, I truly do care about helping
people when and where I can.

– At the end of the day, you need an honest, talented employee and I need
an honest, respectable employer.

-- I am available to discuss your Tow Operator's position at most anytime.
I can start as soon as you have a need for an experienced and
competent Operator to be in the Drivers Seat.

Thank you,
Dave Randall

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