Steve Craig Warren  
Steve Craig Warren

Son, Husband, Brother, Friend, Lineman, Biker, Musician, Teacher, Martial Artist,
Competetive Power Lifter, Mechanic, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Wild Character, Comedian and more...

Honest, Hysterically Funny, Good Natured, Willing To Help A Neighbor, Pationate,
Loyal, Wise, Intense, Talented, Spiritual, Intelligent, Hard Working, Strong As An
Ox, Wild and much, much more....

Whether honoring, respecting and loving his Mother, expressing his love and devotion
for his wife Melanie, climbing Telephone Poles at work, working around the house,
riding his Harley, playing his guitar, sharing his thoughts and beliefs, showing true and loyal Brotherhood, chasing Mountain Lions, fighting flood waters or just living his life in general, one thing was constantly evident: His constant and incredible passion.

Always a smile and a bear-hug were there for you. A helping hand was always at the ready should you need one. As was his friendship, honesty, loyalty and more.

On Thursday, October 11, 2012 at a few minutes before 6pm, my best friend, my Brother, Steve Warren, passed away after injuries sustained in a fall from a ladder a couple weeks prior.

I was with him in the CCU when he left this world.

There will never come a time where I can sufficiently assemble the words that could
describe this deeply personal and profound experience and the sense of loss that will
remain with me for the rest of my life.. The extent to which I will miss this man who became my friend, my brother and my teacher cannot be put into words.

Steve, my Brother, I will miss you and carry the memories of our friendship, the wisdom of your beliefs, the warmth of your smile, the electricity in your laugh and the strength that our Brotherhood instilled in me within my heart until it no longer beats.

I love you, Brother.
Till we Ride, Laugh, Climb and Party again.....

Dave 'SprDave' Randall